Dave Frahm, ND

Dave Frahm, ND
Dave Frahm, ND


Name: Dave Frahm, ND

Contact: Facebook, Dave Frahm.

That’s the only way I can be reached. I do have a website (www.frahmhealthsolutionsllc.com) which directs you to get ahold of me via FaceBook. There’s strategy behind this. I want to expose prospective clients to all that I teach and represent in this area of alternative health. Plus I want them to know and trust me before spending their money for an appointment. FaceBook is perfect for both issues.

Located: Colorado Springs, Colorado

1. When and where did you first learn or experience BioEnergetic assessments or BioEnergetic medicine

First experienced muscle response testing when my wife visited a Naturopathic Doctor during her battle with breast cancer.

2. There are so many things that can be branched off as specialties with work in BioEnergetics, what is your area of specialty?

I use a form of muscle response testing on all my in-office clients…my tool for assessing what’s nutritionally weak and out of balance in the system, and then what targeted supplements test well at addressing those weaknesses.

3. There are many types of testing modalities. What is the main one you use in your office? (muscle testing, software, etc)

Muscle Response Testing is the only form I do.

4. What is your professional background, training, and education in, in addition to BioEnergetic assessments?

Undergrad in psychology and anthropology from U of Iowa. Served for 20 years on the staff of a Christian ministry called The Navigators, which included post-grad Bible training. Studied through Trinity College of Natural Health to gain my credentials as Naturopathic Doctor (ND), Master Herbalist (MH), Certified Nutritional Consultant (CNC), and Certified Natural Health Professional (CNHP).

5. Why should BioEnergetic assessments be added to any other modality that people may already be doing?

I’ve found that most chronic/degenerative conditions have at their core a variety of nutritional deficiencies and related toxic overloads. In my opinion, Muscle Response Testing is the most helpful tool for identifying these.

6. What is a typical assessment protocol for your office (weekly, monthly, quarterly, or your own personalized designed protocol).

If you’re asking how often a person should come to see me, totally up to the individual. First visit you get the big picture of what’s weak and needs nutritional help. I’m on FaceBook so if folks have questions once they get into the process they can always get ahold of me there. If they do what their body wants, they get back into balance within 90 days….feeling better in the first 30. That said, nutritional issues are always in flux, depending upon what stressors have come to play on the system. They’re free to come back when they need or want to.

7. Do you do remote testing in addition to in-office testing?

No, but based upon my years of experience I can tell from a person’s list of symptoms what’s nutritionally weak and out of balance in their system, and then give them suggestions as to what supplements to take due to track records of what products have tested well on clients in my office over the years. In fact, about 85% of my clients these days are phone consultations with folks all over the country and the world

8. What is the one thing that people need to know most about BioEnergetic assessments?

Jesus made us out of atoms. An atom has electrons buzzing about a nucleus creating electricity. We are generating bio-electricity. Our bodies are like big flashlight batteries. Bioenergetic assessments are simply a measurement of that energy….as are things in the medical community like an EKG machine where you’re hooked up to a computer to measure the bio-electric energy of your heart, or an EEG machine for your brain, or an MRI machine.

9. Over the years you have been in the field how have you seen BioEnergetic assessments change or advance health on a personal level as well as advance the field of medicine and/or healing

When I first started out doing MRT on clients 20 plus years ago there were many skeptics and folks who thought it voodoo. Not so much any more. I wrote a book about the science behind it, “How To Be Your Own Best Nutritionist: Don’t Guess, Muscle Test.”  That helped many learn that the body is fundamentally bio-electric. Makes sense.

10. Do you see BioEnergetic assessments and tools continuing to have a growing and advancing role in mainstream medicine as well as holistic medicine?

Hmmmm……who knows. Maybe. What I do is so darned simple that many don’t accept it sometimes as reality.

11. What is the biggest obstacle you have with working with clients in this field?

When folks come to me without any clue about what I do, they’re usually quite skeptical. That’s why I don’t allow it….or at least try not to. All my clients are word of mouth from somebody who’d gotten help from me, or has read some of my stuff of FaceBook.

12. Biggest advantage to working with clients in this field?

The specificity of knowing exactly what’s nutritionally weak and out of balance in the system that requires specific targeted supplements…and the immediacy of information provided.

13.What type of practice do you own or are you working within? (IE work for yourself by yourself, a practice with employees (and/or other modalities – list what if yes) underneath someone, in a hospital or clinic setting etc.

Independent Consultant….except of my one assistant, my invisible dog Gizmo.

2 thoughts on “Dave Frahm, ND

  1. Bri September 13, 2016 / 7:45 pm

    I would like to say that he has completely snubbed me on Facebook. I wanted a consult with him and he was posting a lot of malicious political stuff on his old Facebook page and blocked me for having a different opinion. I waited two weeks for a reply from him this most recent time, plainly asking for help, I was not malicious, and he has ignored me completely and blocked me again. I can post screenshots, or send them in if you would care for the backups to my claims.

    I don’t think anyone should be able to call themselves a healthcare practitioner if they’re not willing to talk to and help ALL patients from ALL walks of life and beliefs. What a shame.

    If anyone can recommend a thyroid/fibromyalgia specialist who does stuff like Dave Frahm, I would be very happy to try them out.


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